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Embark on an exciting learning journey with your child at home using our engaging materials!


Take a learning journey trip to Chinatown and dive into the world of superlative and comparative adjectives. Encourage your child to construct sentences using these adjectives for a fun and educational experience.


Revisit the basics of forming sentences with superlative and comparative adjectives together. Then, spice up the learning session by involving your child in making delicious pineapple tarts. After the cooking activity, guide your child in crafting a procedural text using the provided word bank.


To add a cultural twist, introduce your child to Chinese words by incorporating them into a festive Chinese New Year craft. This hands-on approach will reinforce language skills and make the learning process enjoyable.


Unleash your child's creativity and linguistic abilities through our immersive learning experience!

CNY Homelearning Activities 2024

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