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Books Recommendation

Transitioning Books(6-9 years old)

Transitioning books are chapter books that transits child from picture books to reading chapter books.


Billy and the Mini Monsters by  Zanna Davidson 

Billy and the Mini Monsters is a funny adventure series books. The book series is about Billy, an ordinary boy and his mini monsters who tried to help him. However, it always ended up with Billy saving them. 


The mini monsters are adorable and they never failed to capture the hearts of our young readers.



Fox and Rabbit by Beth Ferry

Fox and Rabbit is a great graphic novel book for emergent readers. The fox is carefree while the rabbit is constantly worried about itself shows that opposite can attract one another. This is a hilarious book and it's illustrations totally captivated the attention of our young readers.



Jasper and Scruff by Nicola Colton

Jasper lives in a fancy apartment and loves wearing different types of bow. 

It wants to be part of the feline society which only allows the sophisticated cats to join. While living in a life of luxury, it did not have any friends. 

The book talks about how a lively and humorous dog then followed Jasper back home to his party.
And did the party go to plan? Read these titles with your child to find out more ! 

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