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Writer's Club lesson 2 FLIP THROUGH

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Hello everyone,

We will be launching Writer’s Club lesson 2 this coming, Wednesday 15 June 2022, 8pm.

The Writer’s Club aims to inspire children to write through reading books and using strategies to give a coherent piece of writing.

It also aims to teach children that it is alright to make mistakes. What we want to teach our children in writing is, you don’t need to be a spelling bee in order to start writing.

And writing is NOT a daunting task. We want to nurture young children to be a good writer.

Writer’s Club lesson 2 part 1

Writer’s Club lesson 2 part 1 is all about pets. It focuses on using action words and saying verbs to help children to write on pets.

There are strategies to help them to spell difficult saying verbs like squeak, squeal and squawk.

We always begin our lessons with stories. For this lesson, I will be reading on the book titled, “Some pets.”

Thereafter, we will pick actions words from the story. These action words are words that your child can use in his or her writing.

In this learning pack, we have designed games for your little ones to learn on how to spell these action words and saying verbs.

Then, we will be exploring, saying verbs and learnt how to spell them using phonics,“qu”.

And using this template, you can print out as many times as you want to write on pets.

After learning on actions words and saying verbs, this structure guides your child to form their writing.

Do get your child to refer to the vocabulary list if they are still not confident in spelling some of the words.

Writing becomes meaningful when the child has experiences with pets.

Bring your child to a pet cafe, pet home or your friend’s house if they have a pet.

Where to bring your children for a pet’s experience ?

1) Kitten Sanctuary

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore is a registered non-profit Animal Welfare Group run entirely by volunteers. Each visit is $20 per hour.

This will help to support the volunteer’s cause and work.

Location : 737A North Bridge Road

2) Our friend‘s pet, Loafy the Corgi

3) The Cat Cafe at RailMail

This is a perfect cafe for cat lovers. However, they only allow children who are aged 5 and above for visit.

Thus, writing experience can also be a good bonding activity with your little ones.

Would you choose a fun and engaging writing activity for your child or from an assessment book?

This post serves as a reminder that learning can be in many ways.

Assessment books are good way to practise for exams. However, for emergent writers, it is important to enrich them with experiences. This makes writing meaningful!

How does our subscription work?

This is just part 1 of lesson 2. Part 2 of lesson 2 will be uploaded in two weeks time. Purchase Writer’s Club lesson 2 part 1 on our opening date of enrolment from 15 June 2022 to 22 June 2022 at $19.90.

In two weeks time, we will be dropping lesson 2 part 2 on the same post and you can enjoy lesson 2 part 2 at the opening date of subscription price.

Together with Bubzexplorer, we will be doing a bundle pack with them. Bridging Math is an engaging Math programme created by bubzexplorer to help to prepare children who are going to Primary 1 next year.

Purchase this bundle pack at an exclusive price $36.90. And for this bundle deal, I will be uploading lesson 2 part 2 for Writer’s lesson in 2 weeks time.

Meanwhile, we will be dropping more reviews on BubzMath in this blog post!

Lets journey together and make learning fun for our little ones.




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