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What should I do if my child dislikes writing and colouring?

Dear mummies and daddies,

If you are worried on your child's ability to draw and write, this post is written specially for you. Do read and share this post to a fellow mummy, if she is in the same situation as you.

I shared on my IGS recently on how to nurture my 6 years old to be a good writer.

Many parents then wrote to me on what should I do if my child dislikes writing and drawing?

To be very honest, teaching a child to learn writing is a challenging task for many parents and sometimes for teachers. In school, writing is usually our last stage of a Stellar unit, which means that children needs to go through a big book reading, vocabulary word study lesson, grammar, phonics and speaking before entering the writing stage.

If you have been following me through these years, you should have known that big L used to be a reluctant writer. He dislikes colouring and drawing too.

However, I am determined to make drawing, colouring and writing an intrinsic motivation for him. Thus do not feel dejected. Sometimes, it is not that your child can't do it. It is just that they are not cognitively ready.

Try these following steps. Here is a summary of what I will be sharing.

By providing easily accessed drawing blocks, papers and colouring materials, you are encouraging your child to draw independently.

For aged 4-5.5 years old, I highly encouraged you to try out free writing and drawing.

They can draw anything that they want. This motivates them to draw and write.

Do not try to teach them any writing strategies yet. This can wait after they have the intrinsic motivate to draw and write.

I will be sharing on writing strategies in the next couple of posts and these writing strategies will be more cognitively appropriate for 6.5- 8 years old child.

When big L was 4 years old, planets and the solar system were the only thing that he will draw. As for small I, at aged 4, he drew humans in the shapes of a potato man and that is fine for now. However, I do teach the boys to draw using youtube videos guide and "how to draw" books. For more, fine details of how to draw well, I do recommend you to sign your child up for Art classes. However, they must be interested before signing them up.

Children are mostly hands-on and tactile learners. Engage them with Maker Space activities. With their product on hand, they will be able to observe and add some details in their writing.

I love to use books to engage them in writing too. Books have usually inspired us with our learning activities and writing activities.

You know your child's best. Ask yourself, what is your child's current interests? Does your child like dinosaur, transportation or princesses? Use your child's current interests to engage them in drawing and writing.

Children likes to talk when they are drawing. Read this post on #drawtalkwrite strategy to learn on how to use this in drawing and writing.

This is a summary of what we have been discussing on our IGS. Indeed, nurturing a child to love writing isn't an easy task. It takes TIME to see some improvement.

My advise has always been follow your child. Do not compare with other children or parents. Always ask yourself, "Is my child ready?" You know your child's best.

When your child is ready, then be ready to move on to the next step which is on The Writing Strategies that I will be sharing with you in the next couple of posts.

Let's journey this together.




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