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The Writing Cycle

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

The skill of writing is often interconnected to reading.

Many mummies have asked me when should we start teaching our children writing?

My take on this is that we do not need to wait for them to learn how to spell before they learn to write because it is through making grammar or spelling mistakes that they will learn how to be a good writer.

My process of writing involves, reading, planning using a graphic organiser, teacher modelling and individual writing.

1) Read

Reading helps your child to gather more information about the animals.

2) Planning using an organisation chart

Using an organisation chart, this will help your child to organise their thoughts.

When doing this organisation chart, remember to give your child ample time to think. A good writer spend a lot of time thinking, preparing and reading before starting to write.

3) Drawing

For preschoolers and lower Primary children, drawing aids help them in organising their thoughts. When their thoughts are organised, it will be easier for them to do writing.

4) Teacher’s modelling

Teacher modelling helps children to be more aware of how writing should be. Teacher modelling should not be your own piece of writing. It should be a collaborative writing with your child using the organisation chart.

After teacher’s modelling, it is time for individual‘s writing.

It is perfectly fine if the child makes any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

This year, we have also kept a word bank book to help him to pen down the words that he wants to learn to spell.

We hope that you will find this post beneficial for you. You may download this set of printables under 12 zodiac animals information writing.


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