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Places to bring children to see PETS in Singapore.

Hello mummies and daddies,

Does your child like pet animals, like cats and dogs? And they have been pestering you to buy them a cat or dog?

Keeping a pet is indeed a huge responsibility and commitment. We need our children to think through carefully before deciding if they could keep a pet.

As for now, we have not agreed for our boys to keep any pets at home.

Thus, I am going to share with you some cool places that you can bring your child to play and experience pets. After that, you can link these experiences with writing or research learning.

Research has also shown that how child-pet interactions influence children’s psychosocial, neuropsychological and neurophysiological health. Positive interaction with pets may benefit children’s socio-emotional health.

1) Consider the wildflower studio

Consider the wildflower studio is a cosy art space conveniently located at Niven Road. It is just a 3mins walk from Little India station. The studio offers art jamming and cats interaction for children.

Price : $20 per hour for art jamming and cats interaction session

Website :

Big L was trying to draw this cat.

2) Chow Cute Cafe

Chow Cute Cafe is located at 16 The Oval Seletar Airspace.

It is a cafe that serves good food and drinks and it is definitely a great place to chill.

In addition, if you have a child who loves dogs, be sure to visit them.

Unfortunately, we didn’t meet Chow Chow that day. It was probably resting. Nonetheless, the boys were happy to meet snowy too.

Website :

3) Kitten Sanctuary

Kitten Sanctuary is a non-profit animal welfare group run by volunteers.

It is located at 737A North Bridge Road.

They have another outlet called, “The cat museum” too. We have not visited the cat museum yet but we will probably visit them on the next upcoming holiday.

4) SGcat house

SG cat house is a house for pedigree cats.

It is located at 770A North Bridge Road. Unfortunately, their last day of operation will be on 25 September 2022.

If you would like to visit them, do hurry soon!

5) Cat cafe at RailWay Mall

Price : $16 for 2 hours and it comes with complimentary soft drinks.

They do serve delectable cakes. However, it is not advisable to have cakes inside the cafe as the cats may pounce on your table and they would like a share of your cakes.

Experiential writing on pets !

After visiting these pet cafes, we enjoyed doing experiential writing on pets.

Our writing strategy has always been connecting experiences with writing.

Writer’s Club lesson 2, theme is on pets. Writer’s Club lesson 2 is now available for subscription.

Lastly, we hope that you will get a chance to try these pets’ cafe in Singapore soon.




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