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Mandarin Nature Playgroup

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Hello everyone,

We are back with CitySprouts on the 26th March 2022, Saturday. This time, we are back with a Mandarin Nature Playgroup session.

凯芯老师, our former 乐备班老师 will be the main teacher for this session.

Here are some of the learning activities that we will be doing.

1) Design your very own shirt.

Look at the difference between a girl and boy’s design !

But both designs are unique in their own way.

2) Nature Scavenger hunt

The children will also be learning on the places that these animals live.

They will need to sort the animal figurines into air, land and water.

3) 晾衣服活动

The title of this story is on , “这是谁的衣服?” And we have an activity for the children to practise their fine motor skills by hanging their clothes.

So hurry and grab your slots here ,

And the good news is for this programme , all participants will receive a complimentary teaching video by 凯芯老师 and learning resources pack (soft copy) worth $19.90 as an extension for your homelearning activities after the programme.

This is the learning pack that will be sent to all participants as an extension for home learning activities.

If your child could not get enough of designing their very own shirt, you could extend your child learning at home using this learning pack.

Thus, your child’s learning does not just stop at our playgroup session. You can continue extending your child’s learning through these learning activities.

So we hope to see everyone there!

See you!


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