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Make Chinese Strokes FUN : 冲凉,自己

Download this activity here.

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Dear mummies and daddies,

Does your child like to do 习字 practices? While, it is important for children to practice their 听写, on a squared-exercise book, my opinion is that why not we do it at the last stage ?

For the first time when they look at the Chinese character, they may feel intimated.

Try to engage them with fun activities like this. Get your child to paint the word found on the bath tub. After trying out with paint brush, big L decided to practice writing the character using his fingers.

Things to prepare before doing this activity.

1) Our learning resources

2) Blue/Green paint

3) Brush

We ended our 听写 practice with a drawing of a bath tub and attempt to write the sentence with 冲凉 and 自己。

Thank you for reading this post and we hope that this post has been useful for you.

Let's make learning fun for our children and journey together.




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