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Make Chinese strokes FUN

Hello everyone,

These Chinese words are big L school's spelling. And here are some ways to engage him in learning his 听写。

You may download this learning resources if you would like to try them out with your little ones.

Download PDF • 623KB

Materials to prepare 1) 吃饭 learning printables

2) Rice (米)

3) White glue

When big L applied the white glue on the Chinese character, he is learning to write.

The engaging part is when he added 米, rice onto the Chinese words.

Materials to prepare 1) 爬山 learning printables

2) Yellow paints

3) Droppers

Tips for learning 听写,

Before using the traditional way of learning Chinese 听写, which is 习字, try to engage your child.

Engaging stage is an important stage before the child gets really interested in learning. When they feel confident in writing the Chinese strokes, they will be motivated to write 习字.

Have fun learning with your child!


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