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Make Chinese FUN : 门 (Door Radical Words)

Thanks to Ms_Claudiabento's recommendation of the iPad's app 洪恩识字 , big L is intrinsically motivated in learning Chinese. This also gives me more inspiration to create more fun Chinese activities for young children.

Download this set of printable to begin exploring this Chinese activity.

Download PDF • 566KB

The Chinese words that we are looking at are :

1) 问




门 hands-on learning activity

Materials needed for this activty:

1) Brown construction paper.

2) Print and download our learning activity.

3) Black marker

Watch this video on how to make this hands-on activity.

门 Chinese strokes activity

For young children, they may find it difficult in writing the whole Chinese character. I helped my child by writing 门. And he just needs to fill in the word with 口,人,心,日。

Thereafter, he was able to recognise and write these words with confident!

Have lots of FUN trying out with your little ones and do share and tag us at

@ourjoyoflearning on our instagram.

We would love to see your work too!


Lynette Ng


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