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Why the Writer’s Club?

Updated: Aug 21

Dear parents,

I have received numerous requests from many of you regarding the possibility of conducting a writing course. After careful consideration, I am pleased to announce that I have designed a course that comes with writing templates and materials specifically focused on guiding you in teaching your child to write recounts.

You may access the video and materials here,

In this video, you will discover the significance of using guiding questions to assist your child in their writing process. Understanding the importance of these questions will enable you to effectively guide your child's writing journey. Additionally, you will gain valuable insights into using mentor texts as a tool to inspire and support your child's writing development.

To enhance your child's writing skills further, this course will provide printables that aim to teach them how to incorporate weather-related vocabulary into their writing. Moreover, we will explore the use of transition words, which are essential in helping your child create cohesive and well-structured pieces.

Participating in this course will teach you practical strategies and resources that empower you to nurture your child's writing abilities. Together, we will embark on an exciting journey of fostering their creativity and confidence as young writers.

While a portion of children possess the ability to write freely, there exists a considerable number of who require prompts and guidance.

The resources were designed specifically for children who require additional guidance in their writing. I have experimented with using this template with big L and it has proven to be highly effective in enhancing his writing skills.

Here are some examples of recounts that my 7-year-old has written big L.

Recount on Isaac's birthday to Sentosa

Recount on Scott's 3rd birthday

Recount on a trip to Gardens By the bay

It is unnecessary to complete the writing in one continuous session.

Typically, I divide it into multiple days to make it more manageable.

Day 1 - Planning stage (10-20 minutes)

Day 2 - Writing of beginning paragraph (10 minutes)

Day 3 - Writing of middle and ending paragraph (30 minutes)

Review of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. (10 minutes)

My tips will be to allow your child ample time to plan their recounts.

Afterward, dedicate another day to work on the beginning paragraph.

Subsequently, allocate another day for writing the middle and ending paragraphs.

In addition, we have also added materials like Power Words to describe feelings like happy, sad, angry and scared.

To better equip your child in planning, I have also made this middle paragraph planning.

We have also uploaded a new resource to write a recount of the National Day Parade for your child.

Reviews on The Writer's Club (Thank you, mummies for these feedbacks!)

Student T's writing after using our writing strategies !

Thank you, mummy M for sharing with us how The Writer's Club has helped your child in writing recounts.

Student B's recount

I look forward to embarking on this collaborative writing adventure with you and your child!




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