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Homelearning literacy activities for 4-5.5 years old

Hello mummies and daddies,

I hope that you have been well! These few weeks, many mummies have asked me to share what kind of learning activities can they do with their children from aged 3.5-5.5 years old.

So here I am to share with you our home learning activities that you can do with your child at home.

All these learning activities can be done if your child has mastered the phonics beginning sounds.

My suggestion is if your child is still not familiar with phonics beginning sound and letters name, you should emphasis and reinforce that at home.

Letter sounds and letter names can be taught from 2-4 years old.

And remember all children learn and progress differently.

1) Sight words

I created this set of curriculum, Reading and Me to teach small I on recognising sight words and spelling these sight words through phonics.

Reading and Me programme is now available on our site for purchase.

The reading and me programme will include a guide for parents to use the Elkonin box.

Using the Elkonin box, you can teach your child to read and spell effectively.

The reading and me programme is also designed to make learning more hands-on. I have converted the appendix into stickers format to make it more convenient for you.

2) Thematic unit

To make learning engaging for him, I tried to have a monthly theme.

In the month of June and July, we did on the farm theme.

I focus more on words recognition and reading in the thematic unit of the month.

This August month, we will be doing our National Day theme too.

We also read our favourite farm theme related books.

An example would be reading this book titled, “little blue truck” and “what the ladybird heard”.

The thematic unit learning resources will be coming to you soon!

3) Learning on word families (Coming soon in 2023.

To learn word families, the child must be familiar with phonics beginning sounds.

Word families are like CVC words. CVC stands for consonant vowel consonant.

For instance, when I am teaching “an”, what are the words with “an? There will be words like pan, fan, man, ran.

4) Hand writing practise

At aged 4-6, the children are still developing their fine motor skills. Thus, it is good to get them to practise on writing letters. For handwriting practise, I gave him an exercise book to practise.

At my writing corner, I have drawing blocks and papers to provide opportunities for free drawing and scribbling.

5) Draw, talk, write

To encourage a good writer, I encourage you to use draw, talk and write strategy.

Read this post to learn on Draw, Talk, Write!

This helps them to reflect their daily activities and nurturing an interest in writing.

Thank you for reading. We hope that this post has been useful for you.

Share this post with a fellow mum if you find this post useful.

Let’s journey this together !



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