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Chinese New Year Learning Activities 2022

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our new site! For our very first post, we will be sharing with you two easy low prep crafts for you to do with your little ones.

You can download our Chinese New Year Craft printables under printables.

1) Fire cracker craft

Download our "福“ printables on our free printable page. Get ready some yellow and gold paints and paint on the word , “福”. Using some red and pink coloured papers, fold them into this circular shape. And your fire cracker will be done.

Things to prepare for fire cracker craft

1) Our 福 printables.

2) Yellow or gold paint.

3) Pink or red coloured paper.

4) Yellow thread.

2) Dragon craft

For dragon craft, get your child to colour the dragon head. Gather some coloured paper and cut them into stripes. Then fold them into circular shape and you will get your very own dragon craft.

Things to prepare for dragon craft

1) Our dragon printables.

2) crayons

3) coloured papers

4) stapler

3) Pineapple (黄梨) Art and craft

Things to prepare for pineapple craft

1) One paper plate

2) Yellow paints

3) Green paints

4) Drawing blocks

Cut out the shapes of the pineapple from the paper plate. Get your child to paint the paper plate in yellow. Paint your child’s hand with green paint and stamped it on a piece of drawing block.

And you will get your very own pineapple art and craft.

4) 火锅活动


Here’s an invitation to create to invite your child to prepare a tasty steamboat.

Here‘s a fun and engaging activity on steamboat.

Things to prepare for pineapple craft

1) Our Printables

2) Cotton wools as fishballs

3) Brown and green felts as meatball and vegetable.

4) Yellow thread as noodles

The boys have decided to use an orange dot markers to colour the base as fire.

5) Hong Bau coins sorting - A Chinese activity to sort , “我, 的”.

This is a fun activity to get your child to sort the Chinese words, “我,的” into the Hong Bau. Simply download and cut out our Printables and sort them into the various red packets.

We hope that you have been enjoying our Chinese New Year’s learning ideas so far. We will be updating this post again if we have other CNY ideas to share with everyone!

6) Pineapple tarts making

Things to prepare :

1) Pineapple mould

2) Playdough

Engage your child to talk about the different flavors that they are making. Thereafter, help your child to design a pineapple tart menu.

7) Zodiac information writing

Things to prepare :

1) Zodiac information writing printables.

2) NLB mobile app to download e-book.

Have lots of fun researching, drawing and writing on the zodiac animals. Ask your child what is their favourite animals? Then read some information about it using the NLB mobile app to borrow some e-books. Use our organisation chart to help your child in the planning of the writing.

Hope that you have been enjoying our Chinese New Year posts so far! And we wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year !

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