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Chinese Low Prep Learning Journal for 6-7 years old to learn writing !

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Revising 洪恩识字 200-600 words

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our low prep journal learning activities. These activities are catered for aged 6-7 years old to learn to write and recognise Chinese words.

We are using the Chinese app, 洪恩识字. Some words are taught due to his school's 听写.

Big L is embarking on 200-600 words. Some of the words are rather difficult to write. Thus, I only expect him to learn to recognise.

1)我的身体 - 眼睛,腿,脚,嘴

I only taught big L to write 眼睛. 眼睛 is quite a simple word to teach to write if your child has written words like 很和清.

2) 羽毛

You can introduce words like 习字 and link it with 羽毛.

They can also learn to draw 羽毛球 (badminton).

3) 身体

体 can be link to words like 本. Thereafter, your child can draw 我的身体.

4) 污染 - This is big L's school 听写. I have included a fill in the blank for him to see how 污染 is being constructed.

5) 没 - After learning to write 没, I have included two words 杯,水 for him to try constructing a sentence. For children who are not ready to write Chinese writing, constructing sentences are good way to help the child to practise writing.

6)我们要珍惜水。 This is his school's 听写.

7) 珍惜水 calligraphy activity

8) 颜色 - Get your child to make a colourful poster using different colours.

9) 食物- 写一写你喜欢的食物

10) 粉 activity - 这是什么粉?找一找

I took six powders from my kitchen and placed them on a muffin tray. He explored the powder using his sense of smell.

You can also ask your child what is his favourite powder smell?

Then, he had some fun mixing some powder and spread it on the word, "粉".

11) 这是一颗大树🌳

12) 衣服, 哈,老师

We drew 哈 and 老师. He told me that the does not know how to draw his teacher. Thus, I modelled the drawing for him.

Thank you for reading! We will be uploading more low prep Chinese learning activities here from time to time!

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