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What is the Book Write Club ?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Book Write Club!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting writing adventure with us?

The Book Write Club is an exciting program for young children aged 7-9!

I wrote this curriculum, together with Adeline from Bubzexplorer, aiming to nurture young children's creativity while building essential writing skills.

This program will deliver writing strategies each month. Concise instructional videos will be available to guide both parents and children.

Young learners will engage in tasks ranging from composing direct speech and dialogue to crafting biographies and procedural texts.

In Book Write Club, we believe that picture books are the gateway to a world of wonders. Through carefully curated books, we used books to teach a myriad of writing genres.

During the month of August to November, we will use some books penned by Singaporean authors as part of our writing curriculum. This choice aligns with the celebration of Racial Harmony Day and National Day.

August - The Marvellous Sugee Cake written by Quek Hong Shin

Lesson 1, 2 and 3

Lesson 1 is on learning how to use Quotation Marks in dialogue/directed speech.

Lesson 2 is on learning to use contractions.

Lesson 3 is using Saying Verbs in writing.

We will use this book to explore saying verbs, which will help them in crafting dialogues in their writing. Children will not only grasp the meanings of these saying verbs but also learn how to effectively apply them in their writing.

There will also be accompanied video to guide your child on how to use, "saying verbs."

I have also encouraged him to write the meanings of these saying verbs in his English journal.

Moreover, there will be a game where your child can create dialogues using these saying verbs.

Are you keen on involving your child in crafting a slice of sugee cake? You could consider downloading the provided printable from this resource and attempting to create a three-dimensional sugee cake slice alongside your child.

On August 25, 2023, we released a Contractions Bingo game, contraction strips, and a comprehensive compilation of contractions exclusively for our valued members.

We have also made available an engaging title on contractions for our members to enjoy reading together with their little ones.

Stay tuned for more learning activities that we will be uploading for our members !

September- My Makan Haven (Will be updating and sharing this part soon!)

During September, we will be focusing will be on opinion text and learn how to describe food. A sequence of hands-on activities and crafts will be provided alongside the writing activity.

There are fun activities to help your child to learn on good vocabulary to describe on food.

Book Club (3-6 years old)

October- Writing the Biographies of Singapore's Founding Figures and Forefathers. (Will be updating and sharing this part soon!)

During October, we will delve into the lives of our founding pioneers, and learn to compose biographies. Much like constructing a recount with a beginning, middle, and ending, this program will help you with a writing framework for creating introductions, body, and forming conclusions. Additionally, there will be prompts and guiding questions to guide your child in crafting a biography.

We will be exploring,

  1. Panjang, The Tall boy who became Prime Minister.

November- How to write a procedural text? (Will be updating and sharing this part soon!)

Join the Adventure:

Don't miss this opportunity to enroll your child in Book Write Club!

August - The Marvellous Sugee Cake by Quek Hong Shin is now made available on our website.

We have the power to unlock the door to their imagination and set them on a path to becoming confident writers.

Together, let's unleash the magic of storytelling and create a world where words know no limits!


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