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What is in our Alphabet and Me Pack?

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this post! I am so delighted that you have chosen to visit this post and read about ways you can assist your child in learning the beginning sounds of phonics at home.

The Alphabet and Me Club, formerly known as Alphabet Club under TheJoyLearners, emerged from the desire to continue serving our followers and parents after the closure of The Joy Learners. With a heavy heart, we had to bid farewell to TJL and its operations. However, the closure of TJL opened a new chapter in our journey as we received numerous messages from our followers and parents, expressing their longing for similar programs that their children could partake in for home learning.

Inspired by their unwavering support, Adeline and I knew we had to do something for our fellow home learning community. And so, the Alphabet and Me Club was born.

We understand that parents of children aged 3-4 years are often worried about screen time. To address this concern, we have made changes to our content. We now offer short, 5-minute videos featuring Phonics beginning sound songs and stories. This allows children to engage with educational material while limiting their exposure to screens. Additionally, if you prefer alternatives to screen-based learning, we suggest borrowing the recommended books from the library.

What is the objective of The Alphabet and Me Club?

The Alphabet and Me Club aims to empower children in recognising 26 Uppercase and Lowercase letters and Phonics Beginning Sounds and to provide support to the thriving home learning community.

What does it include ?

  1. Each term has 4 videos of the Phonics beginning sounds songs and a story. This is a story-based curriculum.

  2. A range of exciting and interactive activities that help develop and enhance their fine motor abilities.

  3. Pre-Writing activities

  4. Colouring activities

  5. Craft Work to stimulate your child's creativity.

Thank you for reading this post !

Term 1 and 2 are now available for purchase.

Term 1

Term 2

We will be launching the bundle deal for Term 1 and Term 2 tonight.

For followers who have purchased term 1 and wish to purchase term 2, we will be sending you a discount coupon respectively.

Do email us if we have missed you out !

Thank you and let's build a community of parents who support our children's learning through engaging activities.




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