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A Night at the Airport Family Camp - June holidays 2022.

Hello everyone,

Are you thinking of some fun and exciting activities to spend with your little ones this June holidays ?

The night at the Airport Family Camp which was sold out last two Decembers is back for this June holidays.

Day 1 of the camp

0830-0900 - Registration

0915-1200 - Amazing Family Airport Quest. This family airport quest is designed to get families to bond together as a team. There are a total of 9 stations and families need to work together to complete these 9 stations. These 9 stations help families to gain a better understanding of Changi Airport.

We are team Amazing! And this totally feels like The Amazing Race.

While waiting for the sky train, little I rested. The quest required families to travel from Jewel to terminal 1 and 3.

This station is the most difficult to complete. It requires us to fold a dragonfly origami . Daddy says that if this is a road bloc, our team will have to take a 2 hour penalty.

Phew, fortunately, the game master is not very particular. It is the efforts that count. It looks more like an aeroplane.

The boys were so thrilled that we completed every stations and emerged the first.

And here we are, getting ready for a debrief and collection of our first prize.

1200-1400 - Lunch break

1400-1530 - Craft activities

There are three craft activities for children to do.

These craft activities are located outside iChangi studio. It is opened to the public.

The boys were making magnetic beads Changi Airport.

While the boys were making, daddy helped them to fix the cardboard aeroplane.

The boys painted their aeroplane and named their airline, “dirty airline.” I am not sure why did they name their airline this way. This will probably be big L’s writing activity then.

1530-1730 - iChangi studio exploration

This got to be the highlight of the family camp.

There are so many interesting games in iChangi studio for children to play and learn.

1730-2100 - Shower and dinner (free and easy)

2100 - Check in iChangi studio for campcation

At night, there are board games for children to enjoy playing.

But the view infront of our tent is too spectacular. And we ended watching the light performance at 2200.

Boys in pyjamas infront of the fountain.

Here are some tips and suggestions for you and your family, if you have signed up for this campcation.

1) Bring sleeping bags and pillows as in the middle of the night, it maybe cold. They do provide air mattresses for the campers.

2) Bring a thermal flask if you have children below 4 who are still drinking formula milk. You can access the pantry near the toilet to get hot water.

3) Bring jackets or sweaters.

Lastly, thank you, Changi Airport and Changi experience studio for the magical experience again.

This camp will be happening from 28 May to 26 June 2022. Details can be found on their website!

Have a splendid and awesome June holidays, everyone !




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