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7 Books to recommend this Chinese New Year!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hello everyone,

Are you thinking of good storybooks to read to your little ones this Chinese New Year?

Here are 7 picture books that we would love to recommend to you this Chinese New Year.

1) 过年啦

We love this interactive book, "过年啦" as it contains many interactive elements for young children to explore as they learn more about the Lunar New Year. What I love about this book is that it allows children to do dressing up activity and there's a surprise lantern at the end of the story.

Here is the link to access to purchase this book from Flip for Joy.

2) 好忙的除夕

好忙的除夕 is a great book for children to learn about why do we need to have reunion dinner during Lunar New Year. It also talks about the importance of cleaning and decorating the house before Lunar New Year.

Here is the link to access to the book,


文化都在节日里 is a great book to introduce some important Chinese festivals through many interactive elements in the book.

Here is the link to access to the book,


The founder of Flip For Joy , Meiru is a trained Chinese language teacher and a mother of two. She is passionate in bringing quality Chinese books for young readers and to nurture young children to love reading.

4) Ruby's Chinese New Year

I can't remember exactly where did I purchase this book. However, you should be able to find this in Kinokuniya or Shopee. Look through my IG stories to access the link if you are interested to purchase this book. I have been reading this book to the boys since 2018, every Lunar New Year.

This story is about this girl, name Ruby who has a special card to give to her grandmother for Chinese New Year. On her way to her grandmother's house, Ruby meets the twelve zodiac animals on her journey.

5) Timmy and Tammy's Chinatown

Have you been to Chinatown? Chinatown is a MUST visit place before the Lunar New Year.

This book will be a perfect book to read if you are visiting Chinatown in this two weeks time . Remember to bring this book along when you visit Chinatown so that children can relate what they see to what they have read.

6) 十二生肖的故事

Is your child interested in learning about the origins of the Chinese Zodiac? This book tells the story of the 12 Zodiac animals and why eventually the rat is so afraid of the cat. It is a funny book as it depicts why zodiac animal, dog and pig were placed in the 11th and 12th position. It also teaches children good values of being honest and trustworthy.

7) 小年兽

This is a wonderful and unique interpretation of the story of Nian and the origin of Lunar New Year based on Folklore. I just love the illustration of this book as the illustrator drew Nian to be so adorable.

Here is the link to access to the book,

You can use discount code "CNY10" to enjoy 10% OFF all books purchase.


I met Fiona and Fiona's mummy at The Bubs Fair. During the fair, we hit off quickly as our common topic is on nurturing children to have a love for reading. Fiona has curated a wide range of Chinese books to help parents to raise effective bilingual children.

All their Mandarin books are selected based on what they have read to their son.

I hope that in this post, you will love our recommendations of books to read to your child this Lunar New Year.

As the quote says,

“There are many little ways to enlarge your world. Love of books is the best of all.” – Jacqueline Kennedy

Have you read any Lunar New Year related to your child today?

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